Jondi Shapour entrance
Jondi Shapour entrance

Iran-Mazandaran-‘ jondishapour entrance ’

 Creating a curved shape towards the inside to invite the border of the sub-tay, the boundary between the inner space and the outer space of Sardar, for our deeper understanding of this cultural border IV.
For pedestrians and cyclists, the open base of the counter in Sapath provided by the university remained the same, and in front of the parking area, a back seat was designed for passing cars that reach the destination of Danesh Juban.
The proposed structure of the design consists of a truss-like pack frame called the work space structure, on which each panel is mounted. The reason for choosing this structure is its lightness and easy design.
Reason for choosing materials
The mold material used in Dezful is brick, but due to the advancement of technology and the optimization of the required cost and the availability of all kinds of materials with suitable characteristics, it was decided to use Dabegar materials, materials such as colored concrete and wood attracted our attention, which can It is reminiscent of the color of brick. Considering the climate of Dezful, the use of colored concrete with high thermal resistance seemed appropriate, but compared to ordinary concrete, the implementation cost was not affordable, and it was not possible to make the desired color in Iran. In this way, the element of wood, which is the best option for humid areas, can meet the needs of the project. Nowadays, thermo wood has a special place in construction because of its special features. Light features, easy installation, saving construction time, the possibility of proper repairs and dry connections in these materials show the high potential of these materials. Also, this choice seeks to show the authority and power of Dezful’s recommendation, which was previously due to Abad. Being green is perceived as Shah Abad.
The idea of controlling entry and exit by means of smart guards
They are made by designing movable panels that can rotate 90 degrees to create a passageway and close when necessary. In this way, during the university’s activity, the panels rotate 90 degrees and provide a movement path for people to pass.
This path can be semi-open or semi-closed by using different patterns. In the same way, the doors related to the rider’s movement path are opened when in use and are hidden in the heart of the guard wall.
The pattern of the guards is taken from the bumps of the roofs of the old CLA house and the swimmers.


2500 sqm







Jondi shapour entrance
Jondi shapour entrance
Jondi Shapour entrance